Welcome to Influxion Point

Because we have done nothing along the lines of outbound marketing, on-page SEO optimizations, PR, link building, etc. we are very pleasantly surprised to have you here as a visitor to our quiet little alcove of the Internet. Welcome!

"Who are you, and what's an 'Influxion Point'?"

We are a group of growth guys & gals, deep sea data divers, creative design minds, and an all-around merry band of misfits working with our clients across the whole marketing stack to help them grow substantially.

As for the name "Influxion Point," it was supposed to be a combination of the words "influx" and "inflection point," but it probably fell a little flat. It gets misspelled frequently.

"What do you guys do?"

Our bread and butter is building scalable and repeatable direct response online marketing systems for acquisition and retention alike. Put another way with less catchy, unnecessary buzzwords, we help clients get more customers, users, community members and/or fans... and we then help keep them happily engaged.

We work with eCommerce businesses, SaaS products, mobile apps, B2B organizations, personal brands... you name it. Basically, if:

a) you've got a cool offering that your target audience needs to know about, and
b) you either think or know that you can communicate with this audience using online media

then we can help you do that effectively and efficiently... n’importe où (wherever), n'importe qui, (whoever), n'importe comment (however).

"Why is this website so basic? Aren't you supposed to have flashy graphics and case studies?"

Trust us... the irony that our own website is so bare bones - especially given the painstaking detail that we put into building client websites - is not at all lost on us!

At this point, we operate on an invite-only and/or referral basis, which is why this website is the way it is. If/when we really need to dress it up with a slicker UI, past client case studies, our creative portfolio and impressive graphics showing hockey sticks and big numbers, we will.

"Okay, now what?"

If you somehow haven't been completely put off by this website, and your interest in working with us hasn't been (fully) quelled, then click the button below and fill out the form to send us a ping. It goes directly into our Slack, so we'll see it pretty quickly after you send it.

From there, if we have the capacity to take on another project and more importantly, based on the information you provide, we already see an avenue to help, then one of us will follow up to get a call on the books.

Thanks so much, and hope to hear from you soon!